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Town Are Crap!
Town Are Crap!
Town fans were left thinking are we really actually following the same club that we did at the turn of the millenium? A 4-0 defeat to the hands of Rochdale really soured a bad christmas spell for the club. Former Grimsby defender Simon Ramsden netted twice for Dale as they ran riot at Blundell Park. Ramsden who never scored a goal in his 18 month spell at Grimsby has now netted 3 goals in the 2 apperances he has faced us in since he was released last season.

Are the players to blame?......well yes......they are, Town fan Rick Daubney gives you the low down on this seasons squad peformances so far this season.

1:PHIL BARNES. Largley disappointing, not the worst keeper we have had but very unreliable.

2:JOHN MCDERMOTT. Mr Grimsby in his last season and has struggled with fitness and injury.

3:TOM NEWEY. Lazy and self obsessed at times but has had signs of quality.

4:GARY HARKINS. Crap waste of time

5:BEN FUTCHER: Self centred, self obsessed spolit brat, good riddance.

5:NICK FENTON: Decent signing, integral part of the team.

6:JUSTIN WHITTLE: Worst season yet, is having a nightmare

7:ISAIAH RANKIN: Poor start, expecting loads of goals, only had 2, very poor by his standards, and overweight.

8:PAUL BOLLAND: Still giving his all.

9:MICHAEL REDDY : Mr goals, no goals yet....says enough.

10:CIARAN TONER :Played crap for Rodger, and has been dropped by Buckley

11:PETER BEAGRIE: Biggest waste of time since Mickael Antoine-Curier.

11:ANTHONY PULIS: Good young loan signing, but inexperienced.

12:RICKY RAVENHILL: Is ok, but is a dirty git.

13:ROB MURRAY: Keeping bench nice and warm

14:TERRY BARWICK: Crap waste of space, good job he has gone.

14:JAMES LAWSON: Played 6 minutes.

14:KEVIN JAMES: Injured and sent back to Forest.

14:MARTIN PATERSON: Great loan signing, but has lost his goalscoring touch in the past 3 or 4 games.

15:GARY COHEN: Has been injured all season.

16:DANNY BOSHELL: Poor player, no future here mate.

17:MARTIN MCINTOSH: Wasnt here long enough

17:ANDY BUTLER: Scunny captain would be welcome back.

17:PETER TILL: Has looked average

18:PETE BORE: Whizzkid who let it all go to his head, has been dropped by Buckley.

19:GARY JONES: The lump has tryed has hard as ever.

20:GARY CROFT: Very average

21:PAUL ASHTON: Youngster never given a chance by the club.

22:DANNY NORTH: Needs more experience

23:NICK HEGARTY: Rushed into team far to quickly

24:BEN HIGGINS: Released wasn't good enough like most of the squad.

25:MILES CHAMBERLAIN: Not given a chance

26:ANDY TAYLOR: Has looked ok, but still too young.

27:TONY THORPE: Looked good when he was here.